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Originally, our business was called Creatrix PLT but then we rebranded ourselves as Tech Star in 2014. Our purpose is to help SMEs grow their business using software and technological solutions. The tech industry is a fast-paced one that is always changing and improving and therefore finding a specialist who can keep pace with it is essential in order to stay competitive. We are that specialist.

Our team has a wide range of experience across various industries and cancreate and design products including fully customisable apps, websites, games, security features such as facial recognition and cryptocurrency exchange systems.

We believe in working alongside our clients in order to better understand the they face in achieving their goal. Then we come up with the best approach to solve their problem using our expertise in business analysis, market research, programming, testing, marketing and others. When clients, using our solutions, move forward in their business, we feel pride as their success is our success.

Technology and software now play a big part in any business particularly to businesses that intend to stay relevant, competitive, efficient and connected to the world. It is a major driving factor for the success of businesses today. It can enhance and improve existing processes as well as create new opportunities for businesses.

At Tech Star, we understand all of this and therefore strive to create great products with reliable service so that our clients can carry out their business with one less worry on their minds.