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We are the people who can help solve your business problems with the help of software that we develop for you, from scratch. We pride ourselves in our ability to analyse client roadblocks from all angles and then provide the best possible technological solution to solve the issue.

Our experienced and resourceful team is constantly evolving, along with our services, in line with technological advancements. This is so we can meet the growing needs and standards of the industry, companies and individuals.

Creating things that work for our clients best sums up what we do at TechStar.


We started TECH STAR when our founders decided to do something even more great and wonderful to the world which is rapidly expanding with its Technology.

We are happy to see that every business is growing via technology that has both tangible and intangible benefits that will help to make money and produce the results based on the customer’sdemand. It connects people in more easier ways because we believe Technology has, beyond doubt, eased the life of human beings.


Andriod App Development

We can build a fully customisable app for the Android platform Through our use of KOTLIN, a leading programming language, you have various advantages including easy maintenance.

IOS App Development

We can build a fully customisable app for the iOS platform Using the SWIFT platform, it allows the app to be created with advantages including less compatibility and error issues.

PHP Web Development

Whether simple or complex, we can create your web applications Fully customisable using the Laravel framework, one of the top platforms in the industry Advantages include easy database migrations, has secure authentication tool and is user-friendly Best suited for SMEs and start-ups.

Game Development

We can build mobile games from scratch Games have the advantage of being able to build more engagement with your community and creating branding.

Facial Recognition System

We can help enhance your security with this biometric security Aside from security, it can also be incorporated into other uses including personnel attendance Suitable for communities and corporations.

Cryptocurrency System

Best suited for investment companies, investors, finance start-ups, banks and government We can create your own cryptocurrency system with e-wallet, loyalty program, proxy agent and other standard features Very competitive pricing.


Enterprise Resource Planning Development

We provide customize ERP solution which is cost effective, highly accurate and readily available solution to automate your manual business operations. We have expereienced ERP consultant that will guide you and manage every process of the system implementation.


Microsoft SharePoint Development

Microsoft SharePoint helps you store, manage, and share documents. It simplifies, improves business processes and collaboration of internal resources and time, and also reduces costs. We offer share point services from analysis to usability testing, from design to product. At every stage of design and processing of SharePoint solutions, we choose the best answer for your business.